Today we make the short trek to Queenstown, yet despite the limited distance we managed to miss turns, get lost and run out of fuel, though thankfully not all at once.

I don’t know what we didn’t think to fuel up at Wanaka. For most of us it wasn’t an immediate problem, but for Trev, it meant switching to reserve just out of town. Why he didn’t turn back, I don’t know.

For others the need came as we wound down the mountainside toward Queenstown. We stopped to admire the view, and I decided shortly after that that I would rather flick to reserve when it suited me, then be caught in traffic on a windy road, fumbling for the switch.

At the bottom of the hill, whoever was leading missed the turnoff to Arrowtown, and despite my misgivings and disappointment, I followed suit, only to see those behind me slowing for the turn… so we had to double back.

Riding in to Arrowtown I saw Trev holding on to John’s Jeff arm with his right hand, and trying to steer his bike with his left, while John tried to keep his own ride upright and not bump into Trev’s bike. Trev had completely run out of fuel, and had decided to hitch a ride on John’s arm. We stopped an dripped Trev’s bike, to tip the last of the fuel from the right side of the tank to the outlet on the left side, and the bike started again. It turns out that there’s no fuel in Arrowtown, so Matt siphoned some from his bike, and we all limped in to Queenstown to fill up.

We booked into a backpackers in the middle of town, but couldn’t check in til 2pm, so we decided to take a ride on the Shotover Jetboat. Despite all the hype, I found the ride a bit bland; certainly less exciting than the Huka Jet in Taupo, and not as much fun as the private jetboats I’ve been on. The river level was quite low, so we suspect that might have had a negative effect on the ride.

We seemed to spend a lot of time in Queenstown riding in circles, looking for the jetboat, looking for the backpackers or looking for a place to park the bikes. In the end we parked on the footpath beside our accommodation, since not even the police could tell us for certain where we were allowed to park.

We spent most of the afternoon at one of the many pubs, and feasted at Flame Bar and Grill tonight. I highly recommend the mixed grill: steak, sausage, lamb chops and ribs. Huge, but delicious!

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