Wolfman Rolie


I’ve been a big fan of Wolfman products for a few years now. For the Trip, I used an Expedition Tank Bag, powered from the bike, to carry my comms and camera gear. It’s big, well designed and well made, and it did a great job. My main luggage was the Wolfman Beta, which holds heaps and straps down tight over the back of the seat.

Sidenote: Lately I’ve added a Givi Monokey E45 top case to the back of the bike. It gives me secure, quick-release storage for my stuff, and makes the bike much more useful for commuting. Also, the addition of a wife earlier this year has meant that, for some trips at least, the pillion seat is taken.

Wolfman’s new-ish Rolie range of bags is brilliant. These simple, waterproof roll-top bags come in three sizes, but all share a common mounting “patch” with webbing straps, which makes them interchangeable and stackable. Wolfman have created a range of straps, harnesses and accessories which allow the Rolie bags to be used as tank bags, tank panniers, saddle bags and tail bags on just about any bike.

Today I received my order of a large Rolie from AdventureMoto. This thing is so versatile I can add it to the top of my Beta bag, to the rack behind my Beta bag, or to footman loops on top of my Givi hard case. Either way, riding one-up or two-up, with or without my other luggage, this thing gives me extra storage that’s waterproof and strapped down tight.

Pics to follow soon!

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