GS-1 Gyro Servo


Here’s a curious gadget.

This guy is making a servo, much like you would find in a radio controlled car, but it has a built in gyroscope, allowing it to self-correct on whichever axis you mount it on. The gyro doesn’t need any sort of controller, and will work as long as it has power connected.

Used to mount a camera on the same axis as the lean on of the bike, it would have the effect of keeping the horizon flat on corners. It would also give the camera a sense of separation from the bike, so the viewer would experience the movement of the bike more than the movement of the environment around it.

This video shows how well such a setup would work on twisties (and he has a couple of nice off’s too!), but I think it would be amazing on dirt tracks as well, and would give some sense of how much the bike pitches from side to side when negotiating ruts and erosion.

Mmmm… fun.

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