BIG tank


Safari Tanks make great aftermarket long-range tanks for dirt bikes. In many cases the increase in capacity is enough to make a dirt bike into a serious dual-sport tourer. Their products aren’t cheap, but they have a great reputation. It seems they’ve been working on a tank for the KLR:

KLR650 Safari Tank

The 32 litre KLR650 Safari Tank

It looks as though the tank takes up the same space as the original tank plus the fairing. If the production model comes in decent colours, it will certainly get some market traction – even more so in the US where the KLR has a loyal following.

Compared with some of their other products, that easily double or triple the stock fuel capacity, this one doesn’t seem all that compelling. Not that the size or quality isn’t great, just that the stock tank is so big on the KLR.

It does make me wonder what the dry weight of the Safari tank is compared to the OEM tank and fairing combination of the KLR. I’d also be curious to know how the balance of the bike is changed with the fuel load lower down.

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