Day 25


Mt Isa Work/Rest Day
Considering all that had gone on and gone wrong yesterday, we decided that we’d stay two nights in Mt Isa, and try to get a few things sorted out.

Andy sourced a new axle, and spent much of the day fitting that to the trailer, as well as doing some work on things like trailer wiring and the like. He worked all day, but looked as though he was in his element.

Marco headed to the hospital for an x-ray on his foot, and took his bike in for service and repairs. As of tonight we haven’t heard back from the doc, so it looks as though things are all clear there. The local Honda/Kawasaki/Suzuki dealer serviced the bike and organised for the radiator mounts to be welded back on. Marco was very impressed with the service and the price, and was happy to have his bike back. Rather than fix the ignition key, he bought a simple switch and installed that. Fortunately you still need the key to make it run.

I replaced the tyres on my bike with the original road tyres, since the trek home will be all bitumen (did I mention that we’re skipping the Birdsville Track now, for the sake of the vehicles and trailers?), and the nobby on the back is completely shot. I also changed the oil and cleaned the air filter.

Tonight I cooked the long-awaited Pumpkin Marsala. It seemed that every night we tried or planned to make this, something would happen that would make us late to camp. But tonight it was going to work. We hadn’t been anywhere, so we couldn’t be late, and we had a well decked out campers’ kitchen. It was a little spicier than I expected, but (if I do say so myself) it was delicious!

After tea we headed to Cold Rock, which we all conceded was a complete gimmick, but which we all seemed happy to part with our money for!

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