Speeding Ticket


When Andy bought the troopie back in January, he managed to transfer the registration straight into Daniel’s name, using his own address so that any correspondence would come to him, and Daniel would remain in the dark.

Around the same time, a tradesman friend of Andy’s offered to rent the vehicle for the months until the trip, and keep it in good repair. This was an obvious financial help, but also gave Andy some long-term insight into how the vehicle was running, and what work might need to be done.

The guy who had rented the troopie was pretty certain he’d picked up a speeding ticket a couple of months back, and he and Andy had been waiting for the ticket to arrive in the mail, but hadn’t seen anything.

Tonight we learned that speeding tickets don’t go to the registered address of the vehicle, but to the registered address of the owner. Daniel revealed that he had received the speeding ticket and had disputed it, saying it was not his car, and that he was nowhere near Ocean Grove when the offence had occurred.

So, our cover was almost blown, and it was only the fact that the number plate of the troupie was similar to an old car of Daniel’s that stopped his suspicions from being aroused.

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