Healing in Public


It’s been an interesting experience over the past 10 or so days, mending in the company of friends. If I were at home, I’d expect to run into people and have them ask how I’m doing, but here, there are 11 people who collectively notice every groan and wince, and keep tabs on my progress. Sometimes the’ll have a feel of the protruding bone or check out a bruise. Sometimes they’ll offer to help, only to find that in the last day or so I’ve been able to do things I previously couldn’t.

I’m not sure if the pieces of bone have connected yet. There seems to be a hard mass of new bone around the break, as though the two pieces are growing toward each other and creating an interface. For a few days I felt as though they had connected, only to have a sneeze, a shock or a sudden jolt knock them apart and have me clicking again.

Last night I slept on a softer bed (as mine had gone on the flight to Bremmer Island with Andy and Lyn), and managed to sleep more comfortable, and more on my right side. Today things feel tighter again, and so far, between yesterday and today, there has been no great shock or jolt that has left me feeling “free”.

My not so secret aim is to ride my bike back into Melbourne on the last day. The way things are going, I think I might be sneaking in a few stretches of tarmac before then.

To all the people who have commented here and on Facebook, who have sent well wishes and thoughts, and who have been praying for a swift recovery, thank you. Every time I have blogged or tweeted about another milestone there have been happy and excited comments from friends at home, and the encouragement has been wonderful. And to John, Amanda and others who urged me to go on when I really wasn’t sure, thanks so much. I had to come to the decision myself, but you guys helped me to see and consider all my options.

Nick was commenting just before as we floated in the local water hole that it was not so long ago I was looking for flights home. To think what I would have missed out on.

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