Day Four


Those readers who have been following me on Twitter or Facebook will be a little confused that the latest posts have mentioned nothing of a broken collar bone. I’ve been out of mobile range for a few days, so the posts came a little late…

Day Four was meant to be a rest day. Six of our company booked flights over Lake Eyre at lunch time. Andy, Katy and I decided to ride out to the lake on the motorbikes instead. The road was terrible. Many cars had made new side-tracks beside the main one to thy to avoid the corrugations. Andy and I took a number of these, and the going was slow but consistent at about 50km/h.

It was about 18km down the track that I came across what I’m now sure was a patch of bulldust. I saw it,  and recognised it as sand, and slowed right down. My front wheel dug in, and I was off, landing on my left hip and shoulder. I rolled a couple of times, and remember a cloud of dust – to thepoint where I could no longer see the other bike. I got up and checked myself over, told Andy I was OK, then felt a click and knew I wasn’t completely OK after all.

I managed to get my jacket off (getting the left arm out was not fun) and sit down on the side of the track. Katy sat with me while Andy rode back for help. About 45 minutes later a 4WD came past with a lone grey nomad on board. He gave me a hat to keep the sun off my head. Andy, Nick and Jordy arrived shortly after (as did the returning nomad, who got his hat back). They were amazing. Jordy got me into a sling, and pep-talked me all the way back. Nick rode the bike back, and Andy navigated the bumps brilliantly.

Back at Camp, Mandy had been in touch with the flying doctor. I spoke to him when I got back, and he suugested I go to Coober Pedy for an x-ray. We at lunch and worked out a plan. Nick and Jane would drive me to Coober straight away, while the others packed up camp. The drive was about 2 hours, and while it was rough, it wasn’t too bad.

The x-ray machine at the hospital was broken, and it took four shots to get an image worth looking at. By the time we were done it was dark, and the others had reached town. We made camp at the caravan park, where I got a cabin for the night. After a late dinner of pizza, it was time for bed.

Now, what to do…

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