This week’s Tweets: 2009-07-20

  • RT @cdlowell: Funny Rockumentary from @crowderband (via @ShannonSteele) #
  • standing in the queue for Harry Potter @ IMAX. The things you do for love #fb #
  • RT @geoffmatheson: RT @thecatempire: If you want a serious laugh, read the customer reviews of this product: #
  • RT @kynanr: lynch TV Moby: creativity, in and of itself, is beautiful #fb #
  • Tell me again how Harry Potter and 4 hours sleep are good ideas on a work night. #
  • Drinking instant coffee purely for the caffeine. When did instant coffee stop tasting like coffee… or anything else, for that matter? #
  • Meeting with my fellow travellers tonight to prepare for the Arnhem Land trip in September. Cant wait! #
  • RT @charitywater: Photo of the Day – #
  • Dinner and Harry Potter for @mans09 's birthday! #
  • Dinner and Harry Potter for @mans09 's birthday! #fb #
  • Mmm… Curry Friday #fb #
  • Great night at Coldstream Brewery last night. Chocolate and custard spring rolls are fantastic. Probably shouldn't eat today. #
  • RT @billious: Looks like a film EVERYONE should see: (via @hmichaelrich08). Would like to see an Aus version… #

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