Coming together, with a few tweaks


Departure day is getting closer, to the point of being a little scary now. The bike is almost ready, though there’s a few mods still to be ticked off. Will need to get on to that fairly soon.

We had a meeting last week to work out logistics and the like, and it was great to see almost everyone there with us. Seeing everyone together in the same room, I got the feeling that this is going to be a great group of people to travel with, and a lot of fun. General consensus is that we’ll bush-camp as many night as we can, and that we’d rather be amongst nature than at the back of a hotel somewhere. We have the basic costs worked out, and Jane’s in the process of working out a rough menu.

We’ve secured an additional vehicle for the trip. Andy has arranged the loan/hire of a diesel Land Cruiser 100 series, which will be perfect for the trip, and will ensure that we have enough seats for everyone.

We’ve also had word of an alternative route down from Nhulunbuy, in the direction of Mt Isa. We haven’t worked out the exact details yet, but we at least can confirm that it’s possible… and we now have the maps. Looking at the distance we have to cover, and the quality of the roads in the area (and deadlines we need to meet for flights etc) we might still have to head back via Tennant Creek… but you never know.

We’ll also be reaching Mt Isa a day later than planned. Flights out of Mt Isa are limited (and one of our company is flying home from there), and it worked out better for us to get there a day early or a day later… and a day later was always going to be safer. This will mean we get back to Melbourne a day later, but that shouldn’t matter too much. I’ll update the itinerary shortly to reflect the changes.

More to come…

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