Adapting the Autocom


I’ve done a bit of work with the AutoCom Active PLUS, to make it work with my setup. I’ve added a cigarette lighter plug to the 12v power lead so that I can run it from one of the outlets in the tank bag. I’ve also cut the push-to-talk lead where it goes to the PTT button, and added in a 3.5mm jack, so that I can have the adapter in the tank bag, but leave the PTT button on the handlebars, and disconnect and reconnect things fairly quickly.

Last weekend’s job was to make my Earmolds and thoat mic work with the Autocom. The supplied setup puts speakers and a mic inside the helmet. Since I’m determined to use the Earmolds, that would leave me with a mic in the helmet and speakers (or earphones) on my body, meaning I’d have to unplug something every time I removed my helmet.

I’ve had a throat mic for years, which I bought for another trip, but never really used. The lead is designed to accommodate mono speakers or earphones (which I don’t want to use) so I’ve wired up only the mic pins of the lead. If you’re interested, the throat mic is a Noise Terminator GP, which has since been superseded. I suspect that most mics of this sort are from a common source, and rebranded… but I can’t prove that.

The Autocom kit came with a couple of extension leads for the rider and pillion, so I’ve modified one of these to make the adapter. After confirming that the pin-outs listed here are correct, I’ve wired a 3.5mm stereo jack and a 2.5mm mono jack to one end the lead, and heat-shrunk everything.

The result seems to be OK so far… not that I’ve been on the bike with it yet. But with everything connected I can hear music and hear myself quite well. I also connected the VIO-POV camera to the whole setup, and the Autocom channels my voice (all the time, without music, to the exclusion of the inbuilt mic) to the camera footage, which is perfect!

All I’m missing now is a UHF radio and the adapter to connect it to the AutoCom. Fellow traveller Marco recently bought a GME TX680 for his, though I don’t think he’s tested it as part of the rig yet.

Apart from that, I just need to organise the contents of the bag so all of the wires are out of the way, and the items I need to access are within easy reach. If, after all that, I can fit a video camera and a pair of gloves in there, I’ll be pretty happy!

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