I’ve previously posted about the VIO POV helmet camera system. Since then, the new POV 1.5 camera has been released. It sports a wider-angle lense, and a new camera assembly that has the lead permanently attached. VIO has also released a POV 1.5 MOTO kit, suited to motosport applications. It includes a vehicle wiring harness and replacement cover for the battery compartment which has power input and a tripod mount for the recorder.

A friend was able to pick one of these up for me on a recent trip to New York, which saved me a few hundred dollars off the local price.

The updated kit is very good, with new accessories and mounting options. It comes with an innovative helmet mount which can be affixed by Velcro, double-sided tape, or magnets. The magnet option works with a second plate which you can place on the inside of a hat, to allow the camera to attach.

Probably the only disappointing change is the lack of a tripod mount for the camera itself. One of the clamps in the old kit included a tripod thread… the new one doesn’t. Also the nature of the new clamp is such that changing the camera from one mounting option to another is a bit fiddly. At this point I plan to work out a RAM Mount solution for the camera head which will stay in place, and use RAM’s own mounts from there to quickly move the camera around.

I’ve take a few test runs, with the camera on the roof of the car, and with it attached to various points on the bike. I’m really happy with the results – except for the point where the card died with 2 hours of footage on it. I’ve replaced the card… and so far so good, but no real footage to show just yet. What I can say is that the crash bars probably vibrate a little too much to attach the camera to, but that the handlebars work a treat. The wide-angle lense means I can point the camera back at myself while riding and get me and the background in the shot.

The wireless remote is great. I was able to tag shots easily while riding. I’m not sure yet where I’ll mount the remote, but at the moment it’s been Velcro’d to the top of the tank bag, and that seems to be working OK.

I’ve also been playing with the tagging system, with it set to a 5 minute loop interval. It appears that the camera doesn’t start a new loop when you press the tag button, but starts a new loop every 5 minutes regardless. If you press the tag button 1 minute into a loop (for instance) it will retain the current loop and the one before it, so as to retain the last 5 minutes (or more) of footage. It’s not as accurate as “save the last 5 minutes please”, but it does ensure the footage you want is retained, and that’s what matters. Any loop that doesn’t have a tag within it, or within the loop immediately after, is disacarded automatically.

I’ll post some footage as soon as I have some.

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