This week’s Tweets: 2009-06-01

  • Looking at what I have to do this week. Hiding under my desk. #
  • Just got an SMS: Amarula is currently $US13 for a litre bottle in Africa. Hmm… who do I know in Africa? #
  • Crazy long day today: Montrose to Williamstown to Croydon, and out for dinner with friends. Good thing I got an early night ;o) #
  • “We are asked to believe in eternal economic growth when we know in our hearts and minds that such growth will destroy the Earth.” – Leunig #
  • Leunig quote was via @geoffmatheson. #
  • Dinner with friends tonight. What could be better than eating, drinking and talking about life with people you love? #
  • I seem to have set fire to the entire candle #
  • Getting something to eat. #
  • heading to Manchester Lane with Nathan. #
  • Having an early night. #
  • RT @alanhirsch: All truth passes through three stages. 1. it is ridiculed. 2. it is opposed. 3. it is accepted as being self-evident #
  • Enjoyed a quiet night in #
  • So-so breakfast and terrible coffee at Barclay’s with @geoffmatheson, followed by better coffee at Kofi Beans. Let the “mandate” gags begin. #
  • Not wild about it being Monday again. #
  • I have a game tonight t 7pm. “Gadgetheads” play “That’s what I’m talking about” at Kilsyth stadium. $2 at the door. #
  • Had a great meeting with Andy to discuss The Trip. #

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