Long Quiet


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, if you don’t include the automated Twitter feed updates each week. Things have been a bit slower over the past few weeks, but they’re still on track.

I met with Andy a couple of weeks ago to look at some of the remaining organisation and planning, and also to try and work out trip costs. Since the group has now swelled to around 15 (at the point when there are the most of us together), we’ve chosen to work as a group as much as possible for cooking, camping and the like.

Thanks to Mandy’s research into accommodation choices, and Google’s help with a few other bits of info, we’ve been able to work out an average cost per person, per week that they’re with us (considering some will be with us for only two or three of the four weeks). It’s a bit of a sliding scale, since food and accommodation costs go up with the number of people, but fuel costs effectively go down, the more people we have. Until you need an additional vehice…. then it all changes again.

So at this point we’re looking at around $400 per person per week, which will cover food, fuel, accommodation and permits. It won’t cover personal items, alcohol, munchies or tourist activities, as those costs will vary wildly between each of us.

We’ll get together for a meeting in the next couple of weeks to finalise numbers, the dates that people are joining and leaving us, minimum (and for that matter, maximum) stuff that people will need to bring along and all that. The time and place for that will be posted here soon.

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