This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-25

  • Top 45 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements These are awesome. (via @jonathanbrink) #
  • the internet, as visualized in 1969 .. with bonus sexism! (via @billious) #
  • Going home. #
  • Play the video & watch for the 1st witness: (via @LEIGHSALES) #
  • Like curry-for-lunch Friday at the office, but thinks it needs a better name. #
  • A little disturbed to learn that astronauts can’t burp in space. #
  • Stupid. Freaking. Software. Vendors. I need coffee. #
  • Shooting victim takes aim at the chk chk BOOM girl (via @LEIGHSALES) #
  • Had a “nice” evening. ;o) #
  • Home from my Uncle’s 80th. Good time, and a fun drive there and back. #
  • Good morning up at Ranges. Would have been nicer if we could have found somewhere to park and/or eat for lunch up on the mountain, though. #
  • Great afternoon on the bike. Captured some splendid footage on the helmet camera… til the recorder destroyed the memory card. Grrrr. #
  • Had lunch with Stephen Said. Always a pleasure. #
  • A few players down for tonight’s game, and I have a stiff neck. Should be a challenge! #gadgetheads #

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