This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-18

  • Just watched Motorcycle Diaries again. Brilliant. #
  • On time for appointment 1 this morning, and for appointment 4 this afternoon. Appointments 2 and 3 are now part of tomorrow. Sigh… #
  • New GeoffRe(y)port post: How David beats Goliath – implications for mission – (via @geoffmatheson) #
  • I get to tick a different box on surveys as of today. I like new experiences. #
  • Pretty sure the staff at Montrose Primary School are amongst the nicest people on earth… #
  • Just bought a helmet camera in New York #
  • Google Maps Alphabet, all from Victoria, Australia #
  • an evening in the bath with a book and a glass of wine… it’s good to be home (no, I’m not writing this from the bath… that was before) #
  • Trade Rigged Rules explained in interactive diagrams #
  • RT DaveGorman RT @NewHumanist: The first para of this Angels & Demons review is just great: (via @Colvinius) #
  • Home from a great night at Wicked! #
  • In my warm bed, listening to rain on the tin roof. The world is a happy place. #
  • Traded in the dogs for a new camera. Seemed like a reasonable swap #
  • I love this site: (via @Colvinius, but now I do too) #

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