May 25 2009

This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-25

  • Top 45 Creative Anti-Smoking Advertisements These are awesome. (via @jonathanbrink) #
  • the internet, as visualized in 1969 .. with bonus sexism! (via @billious) #
  • Going home. #
  • Play the video & watch for the 1st witness: (via @LEIGHSALES) #
  • Like curry-for-lunch Friday at the office, but thinks it needs a better name. #
  • A little disturbed to learn that astronauts can’t burp in space. #
  • Stupid. Freaking. Software. Vendors. I need coffee. #
  • Shooting victim takes aim at the chk chk BOOM girl (via @LEIGHSALES) #
  • Had a “nice” evening. ;o) #
  • Home from my Uncle’s 80th. Good time, and a fun drive there and back. #
  • Good morning up at Ranges. Would have been nicer if we could have found somewhere to park and/or eat for lunch up on the mountain, though. #
  • Great afternoon on the bike. Captured some splendid footage on the helmet camera… til the recorder destroyed the memory card. Grrrr. #
  • Had lunch with Stephen Said. Always a pleasure. #
  • A few players down for tonight’s game, and I have a stiff neck. Should be a challenge! #gadgetheads #

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May 19 2009

Lake Eyre: Just add water


I’m hoping like crazy that we’ll see Lake Eyre in flood on the trip. At the very least we’ll see the abundance of life that has sprung up around the lake and the rivers that are feeding into it.

More info here.

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May 18 2009

This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-18

  • Just watched Motorcycle Diaries again. Brilliant. #
  • On time for appointment 1 this morning, and for appointment 4 this afternoon. Appointments 2 and 3 are now part of tomorrow. Sigh… #
  • New GeoffRe(y)port post: How David beats Goliath – implications for mission – (via @geoffmatheson) #
  • I get to tick a different box on surveys as of today. I like new experiences. #
  • Pretty sure the staff at Montrose Primary School are amongst the nicest people on earth… #
  • Just bought a helmet camera in New York #
  • Google Maps Alphabet, all from Victoria, Australia #
  • an evening in the bath with a book and a glass of wine… it’s good to be home (no, I’m not writing this from the bath… that was before) #
  • Trade Rigged Rules explained in interactive diagrams #
  • RT DaveGorman RT @NewHumanist: The first para of this Angels & Demons review is just great: (via @Colvinius) #
  • Home from a great night at Wicked! #
  • In my warm bed, listening to rain on the tin roof. The world is a happy place. #
  • Traded in the dogs for a new camera. Seemed like a reasonable swap #
  • I love this site: (via @Colvinius, but now I do too) #

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May 11 2009

This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-11

  • Check out this great video – The New Urbanism (via @ChristineSine) #
  • Meeting with FredHealth re MOE security, then off to the vet this afternoon to make sure Licksy is OK #
  • Got a free meal from Taco Bill today, addressed to Clarence Macmann. What was I thinking? #
  • RT @FrankViola “Christians should be troublemakers, creators of uncertainty, agents of a dimension incompatible with society.” Jacques Ellul #
  • RT @sfreud: One doesn’t learn until later what was misfortune or happiness. (via @PeterRollins) #
  • I love having a pinball machine in my office #
  • Shane is on fire tonight #pinball #
  • Knocking off… heading to Ocean Grove tonight! #
  • RT @blakehuggins: i never get tired of watching this scene…. (via @jonathanbrink) #
  • Crawling into bed after a great day and night with my other family, at Robyn’s 21st. #
  • If u haven’t heard Regina Spektor’s new song Laughing With, you need to! Wow. (via @JesusNeedsNewPR) #
  • is home after an awesome weekend with the Nethercotes and Robby’s friends. Happy 21st, Robby! #
  • Finally saw #startrek. Brilliant. Paid suitable homage to what has gone on before, while creating something new. #

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May 4 2009

This week’s Tweets: 2009-05-04

  • Pretty chuffed that The Gadgetheads are through to the grand final! #
  • $100 per night, twin-share. That would be high for a motel… but for a dog pound? They better be getting room service! #
  • RT @geoffmatheson Blackout at Australian Fashion Week. Fears models may fall down heating vents in the darkness. #
  • Just joined a twibe. Visit to join #
  • Apparently I just joined the #Forge mailing list. That was inspired of me… just wish I could remember doing that. #
  • Back in the furry embrace of two very excited puppies #
  • RT @kragtbakker: New post: Great chalk animation (Firekites video) (via @PeterRollins) #
  • Does anyone know how many regular-flu related deaths there have been in the same period as the Swine-Flu outbreak? Might be worth comparing #
  • Had a great lunch with @neurosys #
  • Waitin’ for @sircamaris #
  • is watching a video cause it’s funny. (via @jonathanbrink) #
  • Back from 4WDing with the Yarra Valley Vineyard crowd. Great time, excellent food, top company. Good to be home, though… #
  • RT @JesusNeedsNewPR: how’s this for a church mission statement? I LOVE IT!

    Go United Methodist Church! #

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