This week’s Tweets: 2009-04-06

  • RT @gideony Obama depressed after BSG finale. HAHAHA! #
  • just got the new bash place for his motorbike. Christmas in April #
  • slept in… a little too much BWS last night #
  • Meeting with Steve about hardware replacement schedules #
  • I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! #
  • Grace is the smell of rain – Daniel Amos (yeah, I know I’ve used that before) #
  • Get me free apps: #
  • Checking out EventBox and wondering what’s left out of the “MacHeist Edition” #
  • Got the fire going, coffee machine on, porridge on the way, and a freaking puppy wanting to play with me every second. Perfect. #
  • almost perfect…. out of oats #
  • discussing the inherent goodness and worth of oats… naturally #
  • RT @MacHeist: The $199 BoinxTV Unlocked… Mega-Unlock point set to $500k for charity: #
  • worked out we can get to within about 150kms of our destination in Arnhem Land without a permit… and right now we can’t get one of those #
  • RT @MacHeist: FINAL PUSH! We’re over 90% of the way to The Hit List & Espresso. Unlock is inevitable! #

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