This week’s Tweets: 2009-03-09

  • is listening to rain on the roof. “Grace is the smell (or sound) of rain” – Daniel Amos #
  • is just about ready to go home for the day #
  • is home #
  • is heading to Home Group #
  • “Grace is the smell of rain” – Daniel Amos #
  • RT @willie42 #gr8t RT @mbarrow: Wow! Have you seen 360 degree Cities. THis is fantastic thank you! #
  • won’t mind if it rains for days #
  • RT @kevinroose MS Word just told me my document was unsaved, and I got really nervous. I’ve been spending too much time around evangelicals #
  • cant wait to ride the Great Ocean Road, then send the weekend with friends #
  • cant wait to ride the Great Ocean Road, then spend (with a p) the weekend with friends #
  • eating left-over pasta sause with olives, squash, mushrooms, salami and bacon. Sooo good (if I do say so myself) #
  • thinks speeling is overrated #
  • Bracing himself for @JesusNeedsNewPR live-blogging #AmericanIdol. Always amusing #
  • is ready for the weekend #
  • RT @geoffmatheson Cadbury to receive fair trade certification later this year – #
  • Heading for the Great Ocean Road! #
  • chillin’ in Ocean Grove before the final stretch home one the bike – which has been awesme, by the way! #
  • home… and winding down from a long ride #

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