This week’s Tweets: 2009-03-02

  • has had a very quiet twitter day #
  • is missing Uganda all over again #
  • has emailed the details of the Top End Trip Meeting. Wanna come? Send me a message! #
  • is having breakfast with the work guys. #
  • just got freaked out by a sponsorship offer for The Trip. Wow… serious stuff #
  • just watched The Big Lebowski with Chris. Gotta love the Cohen Bros, even if you don’t understand them #
  • happy to be home from work at a reasonable time #
  • is getting up at the crack of dawn to ride to Philip Island #
  • getting on the bike to Philip Is. David Crowder and U2 on the iPod. Sweet. #
  • has a sore butt… #
  • having an early night. It’s been a long day, but lots of fun. #
  • just found a bug in Safari 4 #
  • Working on a client’s server. Would rather be in bed #
  • is having an afternoon (dozing) off #
  • Going to ARB to look at transit cases #
  • is coming to terms with the size of the Arnhem Land trip. Got some really good, practical input tonight at the meeting, too. #

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