Researching the Earmolds


I’ve done a bit of snooping today, looking at the parts used in the Earmolds earphones I bought yesterday.

Seems that the earphones themselves are made by McKay Associates, an Australian company that sells radio accessories around the world. The best (actually the ONLY) price I’ve been able to find for the earphones themselves is around $AUD100, which is $AUD50 less than what Earmold is selling them for.

McKay seem to have some great comms gear. They don’t sell radios, but specialise inĀ  accessories – and seem to do so very well.

So add to that a DIY earplug kit for around $AUD50 and you have pretty much the same setup for $70 less than the Earmolds offering. Of course, if it doesn’t work, the risk is on you. Perhaps the middle-ground is to buy the McKay earphones and get an audiologist to make the earplugs.

But perhaps after all that, $220 to get Earmolds to do it isn’t so bad.

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