When I went to the MotoGP at Phillip Island last year I checked out the custom molded silicone ear plugs from Earmold. These guys had a stand at the expo there, and were making money hand over fist making plugs and earphones for riders. I was a little reluctant to put money down on something that you really can’t test first. You really don’t know how they will work until they make a set for your ears.

While I was at the Superbikes yesterday, I took the plunge and bought a set of earphone plugs. They’re flipping expensive, and I’m guessing their costs area fraction of the sale price, but since I haven’t been able to find an alternative or do-it-yourself solution that I could guarantee would work, I decided to go with these.

The earphones work on a rubber-hose system, which puts the actual speaker about 30cm away from your head, and funnels the sound through the tube, which runs through the earpiece. (This is the part I haven’t been able to source elsewhere…). The noise supression is good, though I’m told not quite as good as the solid plugs. There’s also a little bit of wind noise from the tubes themselves at speed. Sound quality is good, though probably not worthy of the title “most expensive earphones I’ve ever bought.” That said, at speed they’re the best sound I’ve heard in my helmet… and that’s what counts.

They come in a range of awful colours, but I got mine made in skin-tone, so I can wear thm as in-ear monitors on stage if that opportunity ever presents itself again. Unfortunately Earmolds no longer use clear tubing, so even with skin-tone plugs I have black leads running from my ears.

That little bit of wind noise aside, the ride home was very good!

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