Top case: this guy’s on the right track


This post on gives some indication of the kind of top case mount I want to make for the Trimcast Taurus case. Mike has gone for parallel runners to slide the case into; I’d taper them to create an almost V shape. That way the case is always braced against the runners under acceleration or forward motion, and the locking pin only has to work under brakes. It also means that the case would only have to move an inch or two forward to release – which should be a good thing, but might yet prove to be a weakness.

I like that the case-side of the mount is in two pieces. It means he doesn’t have to get the centre piece the right size, but simply mount the two pieces to the case in the right places.

I also like that he’s included electrics in the case. I’ll add a high bake light to my case (probably in the lid), as well as 12-volt power. That will give me the option of adding a small inverter for charging less 12-volt friendly devices.

Design Mk II here we come…

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