New template, and another ride


If you’ve been unfortunate enough to be browsing here today you might have seen a number of different “looks” to the site. Sorry about that. The old template wasn’t handling some basic CSS properly, and was starting to bug me. I’ll fiddle with this one for a while and see what happens. Comments welcome.

Took the KLR out off-road again on Saturday, riding a few tracks around Healesville, Chum Creek and Mt St Leonard.  I had a couple of spills (ok it was three) on a hill-climb that I simply shouldn’t have tried. The bike did OK, but as I approached a crest I ran out of places to avoid the ruts, so I panicked and stopped. Clutch in and front brake on are no way to stop a bike on a hill… so you can guess how that ended. My riding companions – all on smaller and better-suited bikes – were out of sight, so I waited there a while, regained my composure, and wrestled the bike back onto its wheels. You start to appreciate the size of the beast at that point. Anyway, managed to back it into the bush, turn it around and edge my way back down the hill. Managed to drop it a couple more times on the way down, though that probably had more to do with my nervousness and lack of speed than any real limitation of the bike.

It was all a timely reminder that this is a big dual-sport adventure bike, not a dirt bike. It was also good to remember why I bought the bike in the first place, and what it’s best suited to – dirt roads, rough tracks and long distances. Throughout the rest of the ride it proved again that it’s perfect for just that.

I managed to get a some air off a couple of (what Marco would call) whoop-de-doo’s, though I bottomed out the rear suspension at least once. Might need to look at a heavier rear spring, especially if I want to be able to do that sort of thing (even a little bit) on a fully laden bike.

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