Another DS tail bag


Giant Loop DS Tail BagThis looks like an interesting setup. The Giant Loop is similar to the Wolfman Alpha and Beta bags, but is designed more for lighter dirt bikes.

The bag appears to have a rigid inner liner on the underside, which gives them a little more shape than the Wolfman, particularly when they’re empty. The side parts also seem to hang with a forward lean, so the top of the bag is at the back of the seat, while the sides rest on the side covers of the bike, rather than the exhaust.

I’m not sure I understand the value of mounting the bag to the bike with screws, as the video and photos on the site suggest. I know they want the bag to move with the bike, but a mounting system with no give at all seems to be over the top, and probably self-defeating, The front and rear straps on the Wolfman give the same level of connection, but with more flexibility.

Apparently there’s a KLR-sized one in development… not that I’ll be buying another tail bag any time soon.

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