First Service… and Mods


Just picked up the bike from its first service. As helpful as the Kawasaki dealer has been, I decided to get my mate Richie to do the first service. He did the de-restriction of my KLX250, and he’s a top-notch wrencher.

So, the plan was to do the normal first service stuff (at 1000km I was a couple of hundred kays late), plus plug up the holes in the carby that Kawasaki (in their wisdom) add to the Australian KLR. What I got was a Richie-special. He did the service, plugged the holes, then kept going.

He pulled a big rubber restrictor out of the airbox, plus some big dicky plate off the top of the opening. I’m not sure I even get the point of the restrictor. The snorkel on the old KLX at least sat on the outside of the airbox, and had a hope of keeping water and gunk out. This one must have sat entirely inside the airbox, so other than to keep things quiet and literally restrict the flow of air into the bike, the thing seems pretty useless.

He also punched a couple of holes in the exhaust baffle. The combined effect means that the bike is breathing a little freer, and is a little bit louder both at intake and exhaust. The extra noise is not much (and it’s a pretty nice sound at that), and the power gains are worth it.

Richie also shimmed the carb needle to suit the changes. I’ll need to take it back in another 1000kms to check the spark plug and work out whether the mixture is right.

The bike pulls better from lower revs, and even from the quick ride home it feels more responsive.

That’s a few more mods ticked off.

I can’t recommend Richie’s work highly enough… so this is a shameless plug for Valley Force Husaberg.

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