When Andrew and I did the 10 day ride in Tasmania in 2004, we kitted ourselves up with saddle bags and back packs. The saddle bags were great, though the tie-down points took a beating in a couple of falls. We learned over time that they didn’t need to be tied down all that well, since they would rise, fall and bounce at about the same speed as the bike anyway.

I probably wouldn’t do the back pack thing again, since I’d rather that the weight moved with the bike and not me, and I’d prefer not to be lumbered with the weight first-hand. So some other solutions are in order.

This is what I’ve found so far:

Wolfman Beta tail bag
I love this thing! It’s a single soft bag with a seat-width channel down the middle. It has ties all over the place, and plenty of compression straps. There’s also an additional duffel bag that can strap to it. “We’ve so far cover over 3000 kilometers and the bag has remained dust free and waterproof.” –

Wolfman Explorer tank bag
I know I’m plugging the Wolfman gear at the moment, but there’s a lot to like about it. There’s a smaller “lite” bag which is exactly the same design and footprint, but smaller. Both make use of a KLR mounting harness, which I’m assured works with the 2008 model as well.

Dri-Rider cruiser-style saddle bags
These were great on the Tasmania trip. If I can find a place for them forward of or below) the Beta, I’ll use them again. That said, they’d probably be the last item I’d add, reserved for the longest trips.

Add to that a hydration kit in the tank bag, a hydration pack, a tent and a few other bits, and the bike would be pretty well loaded…

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