Andy Strapz


It’s funny the rabbit-holes you go down when you’re looking for (or at) things. I followed a link from Eastern Beaver to Ted Simon’s site – of Jupiter’s Travels fame. I’d read about Ted in a bike mag a few years ago (come to think of it, it was over 5 years ago, when I was shopping for my last bike… but I digress), just after he’d broken his leg. Even then this guy impressed me. He was 69 when he decided that riding around the world again was a good idea. Classy.

Haven’t got to my point yet. I should do that.

Ted Simon ditched a lot of the gear he was carrying when he got to Melbourne, finally realising that since he was generally known, he really didn’t need to camp all the time, or at least didn’t need to assume that he was alone in whatever county he was visiting. He sent his panniers and some other gear home, and acquired some soft panniers (I’d call them saddle bags, but that’s just me) from a guy in Melbourne.

Andy Strapz (for the moment I don’t know whether to refer to it as a person or a company) makes some really clever and functional motorbike gear. I love the flat strapz, and I think I’ll add those to the must-have list. As much as I love the ol’ ROK straps, the idea of adjustable tie-downs with just a bit of spring in them appeals to be, particularly on a long journey.

The soft panniers are really smart, too, Rather than a zip-up affair that gets wider (if anything) with the amount of stuff in it, these effectively get taller. Also, they roll down to the level of the stuff you’re carrying, so everything is held firm.

Wonder if I could put the Dri-Riders on eBay. None of his stuff is cheap, but it seems very good. He has a factory outlet in Frankston, too. Hmmm…

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